Susan Villarreal

Susan Villarreal

Assistant Professor
Position Type
- Present

Learning & Teaching

  • BIOL 220 - Multicellular Life
  • BIOL 340 - Animal Behavior
  • BIOL 327 - Biology of Insects


My research focuses on insect behavior and ecology. My lab consists of two aims, each exploring a different level of biological organization. My summer research mainly focuses on the broader topic of insect community ecology. I’m interested in how habitat fragmentation effects biodiversity. Specifically, if natural areas can act as a refuge for insects in anthropogenic habitats and the consequences of fragment size and isolation on insect biodiversity. At the organismal level, I’m interested in the drivers of mate choice and sexual selection. I use multiple insect models to understand the impact of individual variability on mating decisions. Specifically, my aim is to collect and rear Culex spp. mosquitoes to determine the influence of relatedness on fecundity and female mate choice. During the fall term I also run acoustic communication experiments as a continuation of my doctoral research.
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