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Michael Mickelson

Professor Emeritus
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Professor Mickelson retired from the Physics Department in May 2001.  He later worked for the Honors Program as Director of Post Graduate Fellowships.  He retired from that position in May of 2007.  He continues to pursue research in the fields of Laser Spectrocopy of Molecules important to the atmospheres of the Giant Planets.  Current projects include the rotation-vibration bands of molecular hydrogen, hydrogen deuteride, and the deuterium molecule.  He is also doing research in archaeoastronomy.  Current projects include research on the alignments of Greek Temples and their relationship to Greek Calendars.  He has taught courses in Electronics, Experimental Physics, Optics, Astronomy, Electromagnetism, Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Physics for Liberal Arts Students such as “From Quark to Cosmos” and courses in Archaeoastronomy which included field research in Ohio and Greece.

B.S. from The Ohio State University; Ph.D. from The Ohio State University
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