Jennifer Woody Collins

Jennifer Woody Collins

Visiting Assistant Professor
Position Type
- Present
She / Her / Hers

Jennifer holds a PhD in Communication Studies from Ohio University with a focus on health and organizing. She is a critical, feminist scholar interested in women’s health, public health, disability, and the intersection of these topics with workplaces and organizations. Prior to academia, Jennifer worked in public health, primarily focusing on professional development of the public health workforce, managing collaborative partnerships and coalitions, and seeking to apply systems thinking to public health interventions.


Learning & Teaching

  • COMM 115 Introduction to Health Communication
  • COMM 221 Theories of Group Communication and Consciousness
  • COMM 115 Introduction to Organizational Communication


  • Black, L.B., Collins, J.W., & Saed, R.M. (2024). Managing conflict within groups. In Reimer, T., Park E.S., and Bonito, J.A. (Eds.), Group communication: An advanced introduction. (pp. 135-147). Routledge. DOI: 10.4324/9781003227458 [In Press]
  • Collins, J.W. (2023). Engaging Judy Heuman’s disability justice podcast for teaching about ableism. [Review of the podcast The Heuman Perspective]. Feminist Pedagogy. [In Press]
  • Collins, J.W. (2021). Leveling health hierarchies: Finding my way as a chronically ill academic. Health Communication, 1-4.
  • Collins, J. W. (2019). Achieving engagement in injury and violence prevention research. Injury Prevention, 25(5), 472-475.
  • Collins, J. W. (2019). Fluid materiality in health
  • communication. Health Communication, 34(11), 1377-1379.
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