Caitlin Miles

Caitlin Marie Miles

Assistant Professor
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- Present
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Caitlin Miles’ research and teaching interests center around community and participatory media, transnational activism, and identity from a critical/cultural perspective. Particularly, she is interested in how feminist activists and media makers harness the power of journalism to challenge hierarchies and structures surrounding gender and ethnicity within decolonial and nationalist contexts. Utilizing both participatory and feminist ethnographic methodologies, Caitlin is interested in studying how the flows of transnational feminisms shape community media intiatives.

Her current research, stemming from ethnographic fieldwork in Istanbul, Turkey, explores transnational feminist approaches to community and participatory media. Exploring local, grassroots feminist, human-rights based media initiatives in Turkey and Chile, Caitlin is interested in how feminists in the Global South build unique networks of connection that challenge and decentralize mainstream narratives surrounding race and gender, among other intersecting identities.

Caitlin is committed to a holistic and developmental pedagogy, rooted in community and intellectual humility. As a teacher-scholar, her pedagogical approach is centered on social justice. She is committed to developing course content that encourages students to think critically and broadly about the cultural, political, and ethical implications of communication systems. Caitlin is adamant that exploring these questions with students is essential for envisioning and creating a more just, democratic society. This entails encouraging in-depth discussion and reflection with students about how various systems of communication create or challenge parameters for how we are to view and occupy the world.

As a Fulbright Scholar and study abroad alumnus, Caitlin is passionate about global education and welcomes students interested in discussing and exploring international research and study opportunities.

PhD Texas A&M University, MA Sabanci University, BA University of Oklahoma

Learning & Teaching

  • COMM 215 - Global Media & Social Justice
  • COMM 229 - Mediating Gender & Sexuality
  • COMM 349 - The Trouble with Normal
  • COMM 421 - Intimacies of Empire
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