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Alina Haliliuc earned her Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Public Advocacy from the University of Iowa.

She researches and teaches in the areas of feminist cultural studies, material rhetorical criticism, and visual rhetoric. She has examined how cultural texts as diverse as political discourse, memorials, films, and music move the collective imagination closer to democratic egalitarianism and constitute progressive publics. Most recently, she has written about the role of sensorial rhetoric in expressing the conundrums of late capitalism and transnational belonging.

Dr. Haliliuc teaches courses that mirror and expand her interests: COMM 115: Walking on Earth, COMM 223: Rhetoric, COMM 315: Rhetorics of Hope, COMM 315: Women Creators across Borders, COMM 344: Exploring Rhetorical Texts, and COMM 421: Rhetorics of Place and Space, among others.

B.A., State University of Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest M.A., University of Alabama Ph.D., University of Iowa


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