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Professor awarded Economic Policy Institute grant

December 14, 2015

Xiao Jiang, assistant professor of economics at Denison University, is a co-author of studies that have been funded with a grant of $31,248 by the Economics Policy Institute. The grant will support research of the affects of the China trade policy on U.S. jobs. Co-authors of the studies include Professor Jeromin Capaldo of Tufts University and Robert E. Scott of the Economic Policy Institute.

The European Union and other countries, including the United States, are currently considering whether to grant Market Economy Status (MES) to China, with EU officials reportedly leaning in favor of unilaterally granting that status to China. This decision could put millions of jobs at risk if it allows China to avoid enforcement of anti-dumping, countervailing duty and other fair trade laws in the EU, United States and other countries. The grant will fund related economic studies that would be carried out by independent scholars.

Macro-economic estimates of jobs at risk if the EU grants MES status to China will be will examine jobs at risk in a number of industries including, but not limited to, car parts, steel, aluminum, paper and bicycles. EU industries that have experienced high levels of imports, and those identified by China as target industries in the most recent five year plan will also be included.

A second study will collect data on total employment, and/or output, by industry within each member state. An input output (IO) model will be used to allocate direct, indirect and respending jobs by industry within the EU as a whole, and within member states. IO analysis will be used to allocate direct, indirect and respending jobs at risk, based on the macro-economic estimates of total jobs at risk in the first study.