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Office of Admissions looks forward to Class of 2017

Posted: May 17, 2013

While Denison University has just bid farewell to the Class of 2013, the Office of Admissions is looking forward to welcoming the Class of 2017. Perry Robinson, vice president and director of admissions, has released highlights from the incoming class. “The Class of 2017 has great potential,” he says.

“We look forward to welcoming this promising group of young people to Denison, says Chair of the Faculty Andrew Katz. “While each spring the faculty bids farewell to graduates with whom we have forged bonds shaped by shared learning, it’s refreshing to know we will be greeted in the fall with a class of entering students so talented and diverse. The Class of 2017 will bring new energy to our community, and Denison faculty members look forward to engaging them in the classroom and beyond for the next four years.”

Denison received more than 4,700 applications for the Class of 2017 and admitted about 45 percent, which is the lowest acceptance rate in the last five years. Some 605 first-year students comprise the Class of 2017. The average entering grade point for the class was 3.6, and nearly half graduated in the top 10 percent of their secondary school. The average SAT score approached 1300 and the average ACT score was 29. The Class of 2017 is the most diverse in the college’s history, with 33 percent of the entering class hailing from multicultural backgrounds. This puts Denison in the company of the most diverse liberal arts and science colleges in the country.

Denison’s Class of 2017 is as accomplished outside of the classroom as it is academically. The majority of the members have participated in significant community service projects, held leadership positions in school clubs and organizations, and were involved in the fine arts and performing arts as well as athletics at their schools. While these are the most current statistics available, Robinson cautions that “the numbers are fluid.” Incoming freshmen may have situations that will alter before they join Denison in the fall.

Robinson was complimentary about his Admissions staff and the entire Denison community, “I want to thank the community for their support and assistance throughout this busy admissions cycle. In particular, I wish to thank all of our faculty and staff colleagues who went beyond ‘the call of duty.’ Thanks for the extra effort in sharing with prospective students and their families all that is exceptional about Denison University.”

The college looks forward to officially ushering in the Class of 2017 during June and August orientations, and when classes begin on Thursday, August 29.

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