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The class of 2025 is largest in Denison history

Admission & Financial Aid First-Year Experience
August 31, 2021

With 654 first-year students joining the Class of 2025 this fall—and another 30-plus to arrive this spring—Denison welcomed the largest class in its history at a time when college admission numbers are down nationally.

Here’s a snapshot of this impressive class:

  • 9,513 applications last year (up from 9,079)
  • 28% admission rate
  • 71% students graduated in the top 10% of high school class
  • 22% domestic students of color
  • 16% international students
  • 21% from Ohio
  • 38% from the Midwest (including Ohio)
  • 22 countries represented

But at Denison, our Classes are more than just numbers. “When you decided to attend Denison, you made the choice to come to a college where relationships run deep and the education is transformative,” said Denison President Adam Weinberg at the Class’ Induction Ceremony in August. “This is a place where students form friendships that often last a lifetime. This is a college where student-faculty relationships form a kind of mentorship that is powerful and, too often, rare in higher education.”

Those budding friendships and connections started that very day as students met their roommates and moved into the residence halls with the help of Denison student athletes. By evening, they were well on their way as they participated in Aug-O. Their first college class on Aug. 30 was just the beginning of a four-year journey that will include rigorous academics, faculty and peer mentorship, and career preparation that will last a lifetime.

“We have no doubt that this incredible group of students will make an impact during their time on The Hill,” says Vice President for Enrollment Management Greg Sneed. “Not only is this our largest Denison class, it is a class full of talent, smarts, and global perspectives. We are thrilled to welcome them to their Home on the Hill.”

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