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Denison Welcomes Two International Sutton Trust Students

International Students Provost's Office
August 20, 2019

Denison University welcomes two new students through the Sutton Trust US Program, funded by the US-UK Fulbright Commission. Ellie Laird and Leona Murray are from the United Kingdom. They will attend Denison through the Sutton Trust, which encourages high-attaining British students from low- and moderate-income homes to consider studying at American universities.

Laird and Murray are two of only 75 students accepted to the program this year. “They’ll enjoy a broad and varied curriculum, exciting enrichment opportunities, as well generous funding for both tuition and living costs,” says Peter Lampl, founder and chairman of the Sutton Trust.

Laird and Murray join current Denison Sutton Trust students Lydia Hewitt ’22 and Aisling Smith ’22. Denison Vice President for Enrollment Management Greg Sneed says, “We’re thrilled to welcome Ellie and Leona, they are some of the very best students in the UK. We are honored to now have four outstanding Sutton Trust students on campus this fall. They are rockstars in the classroom and fascinating people who add to the broad diversity of our campus community.”

Laird, from Hamilton, Scotland, finished school with perfect grades in an advanced curriculum. She was a Head Girl of her school, received a high school scholarship to concurrently study at Glasgow’s Academy and Musical Theatre Arts, and recently starred as Rachel Winters in the regular BBC television series Logan High.

Murray comes from the Scottish town of Paisley. She managed perfect marks in an advanced curriculum throughout her schooling. Murray is a prefect at her school, a nationally competitive runner, and works as a youth sports ambassador in her local community and across the UK.

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