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Ready to launch

Startup entrepreneur Nick Yehle ’20 is guided to his goal with help from Denison’s Red Frame Lab

The Start of a Great Career

An associate for Copley Equity Partners in Boston, Wills Hutras ’20 talks about why the Global Commerce major was a great fit for his career.

Monkey business hits Broadway

Musical composer Bryan Blaskie '09 shares his thoughts about the bright lights of Broadway and why getting a bad grade can actually be a good thing.

Wide open possibilities

When Tima Kaba ’19 returned from a post-graduate fellowship in Tanzania, she was unemployed and uncertain of the future. Today, she is in her dream job.

Breathe easy

When COVID-19 struck, Caileigh Marshall ’19 became part of a national effort to produce the gold standard of respirators for healthcare practitioners.

Logan Floyd '16

Logan Floyd '16: Cinematography in L.A.

Cinema major Logan Floyd '16 is in L.A. pursuing his dream of storytelling through cinematography. Next stop, an MFA at American Film Institute.

Voyage L.A.
Image of baby sleeping

Dr. Sophia French on Neonatal Neuroscience

Dr. Sophia French '11, a child neurologist at Oregon Health and Science University, explains a new study about alcohol/tobacco use while pregnant.


Playing with Fire

Dan Ewen ’96 had to keep faith in his work for more than a decade for Playing with Fire, a 96-minute movie that took more than 12 years to make.

Judge Richard Dinkins

Judge Richard Dinkins '74 honored for public works

Nashville Public Schools honored Judge Richard Dinkins '74 with the Nelson C. Andrews Distinguished Service Award for "esteemed career of service."

Nashville Public Education Foundation

Behind the scenes of 'The Lion King'

Mo Stemen '07 shares some stories and tips (hobbies can become a business) from her vantage point inside the production of "The Lion King"

Gabriele Eimontaite '18 art piece

Gabriele Eimontaite '18 Wins an AP Award

English and women's & gender studies major Gabriele Eimontaite '18 won an AP award for this piece she wrote as an intern with the Newark Advocate.

Newark Advocate

Making her mark at Netflix

Lizzie Kunkle ’14 has earned her stripes in the cinema world — today she’s working on watercooler-buzz like ‘The Ted Bundy Tapes.’

C.L. Lindsay III '93

Atty. and Author C.L. Lindsay III '93

C.L. Lindsay III '93 founded CO-STAR national students’ rights organization helping 1000s of college students with legal problems at no expense.

Ashland Source