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Why do doctors suffer high burnout rates?

Dr. Kimberly Becher '02, a small town practitioner, illustrates the intensity of the life of a doctor and why they suffer high burnout rates.

New York Times

DU grads' film to debut

Directed by Denison grads, 'Poser' premiered at Tribeca this spring. The film highlights the Columbus underground music scene.

Columbus Dispatch

Making an “Us” out of “Them”

Business culture consultant Laura Kriska ’87 has built a life diving deep into other cultures and bridging the gaps between worlds.

Ready to launch

Startup entrepreneur Nick Yehle ’20 is guided to his goal with help from Denison’s Red Frame Lab

Monkey business hits Broadway

Musical composer Bryan Blaskie '09 shares his thoughts about the bright lights of Broadway and why getting a bad grade can actually be a good thing.

Breathe easy

When COVID-19 struck, Caileigh Marshall ’19 became part of a national effort to produce the gold standard of respirators for healthcare practitioners.

Logan Floyd '16: Cinematography in L.A.

Cinema major Logan Floyd '16 is in L.A. pursuing his dream of storytelling through cinematography. Next stop, an MFA at American Film Institute.

Voyage L.A.

Wes Judd '13: Ultramarathoner

Wes Judd is burning up the miles as an ultramarathoner - with seven top-ten finishes.

UltraRunning Magazine

Playing with Fire

Dan Ewen ’96 had to keep faith in his work for more than a decade for Playing with Fire, a 96-minute movie that took more than 12 years to make.