Whisler Hall

Whisler Hall is home to the Center for Student wellness, providing emergency care, doctor's appointments, counseling, and more.
History & Architecture
Whisler Hall Memorial Hospital, built in 1929, was a gift from Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Whisler in memory of their daughter, Helen Arnett Whisler, a member of the class of 1920 who died in her sophomore year of tuberculosis. Now known simply as Whisler Hall (and not an official hospital), it continues to serve as the home of Denison health and wellness, providing confidential, evidence-based primary care, counseling services, 24/7 RN triage and urgent care, as well as 24/7 observation beds.
Denison is one of very few colleges of its size that provides 24-7 care during the academic year. Whisler's staff includes a medical director, nurse practitioners, full-time and part-time RNs, as well as counselors.
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What's Happening Here

The Productivity Circle

Denison program receives the 2017 Innovative Program Award from the Ohio College Personnel Association.

Healthy and Wise

Taking care of yourself, getting enough rest and sleep, can be difficult to do.