Polly Anderson Field Station

The Polly Anderson Field Station, erected in 1995, houses a large laboratory for class meetings, research space for students and faculty, and a telescope.
History & Architecture

The building was designed as a model of energy efficiency and is heated in winter by passive solar radiation. The Station is located in the Alrutz Section at the west entrance to the Reserve on Rt. 661, a quarter mile north of campus.

The reserve is more than a great place to take a walk. Students in several disciplines conduct field research in its 350 acres. One of the reserve’s general goals it to maximize the number of representative habitats and species that the area can support.

What's Happening Here

YouTube Video (JZE5HkzkmVM)

Up on the Roof

Watch what a motivated team can do on a fine spring day at the Bio Reserve with 32 solar panels and a sturdy ladder.