Gilpatrick House

Built in 1958, Gilpatrick House is home to the Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement, a resource for fellowship and student research opportunities.
History & Architecture
The design is Victorian Italianate style. Once home of Professor of Mathematics, John L. Gilpatrick and his wife. The house was moved to its present site in 1958 from that of Huffman Hall in anticipation of the new dorm’s construction.
Gilpatrick House was first built by Professor Gilpatrick as his residence, with the surrounding territory as his farm. The farm included a barn and dairy, where Shaw Hall now stands, as well as a bull-pen and chicken coop where Lamson Lodge is currently.
Building Style
Victorian Italianate style

What's Happening Here

The Hub for Scholarship

Historic Gilpatrick House is home to Denison's Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement.

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Study Here, Study There

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