Denison Magazine - Issue 02 | Summer 2013

issue 02 | summer 2013
It’s easy to think of a college president as an extension of the institution that he or she serves. It’s a president’s job after all to be a…

By Maureen Harmon

Photographs by Matt Wright-Steel

Post-production by Gretchen Hilmers

When Dale Knobel arrived on campus in 1998 to assume the Denison presidency, he set out to make some serious changes in the make-up of the c…

By Alexander Gelfand

Photographs by Matt Wright-Steel

Post-production by Gretchen Hilmers

A Fond Farewell

Come fall, there will be three faces missing in Denison's day-to-day activities. Todd Feil, Lyn Robertson '70, and Lorraine…
A Fond Farewell Denison Magazine Cover

His Dad

Often the hardest lessons you learn in college are taught not in classrooms and labs but in dorm rooms. Like this one.
First Person - His Dad - Summer 2013

Got a Light?

In an effort to assist one of our photographers, I may have temporarily blinded a few important people - but they were good spo…
Talk of the Walk - Summer 2013
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