issue 01 | spring 2015

Inside Out

Why you should never let your therapist pick your friends.
Melanie Dale, who prefers air conditioning to wildlife, braved the great outdoors in search of friendship. It did not turn out the way she had hoped.
First Person - Inside Out - Spring 2015

Inn Transition

As the Granville Inn gets set to open its doors after months of renovation, we take a look at the inn’s past lives.
By James Hale ’78
Above: Frank Packard’s watercolor rendering of the “Proposed Granville Tavern.”
Continuum - Inn Transition - Spring 2015

John “Jack” O’Neill

Life Trustee, Jack O’Neill (1920-2014) wasn’t a hard man to find. If you needed his time, though, the wait could be im…
By Dan Morrell
In Memoriam: John "Jack" O'Neill

The Roost, Reinvented

There hasn't been much activity on the third floor of Slayter over the last few years, but suddenly there's a crowd, …
By James Hale ’78
UnCommon Ground - The Roost, Reinvented

In Memoriam

Kent Maynard, 1947-2014

Professor Emeritus of Sociology/Anthropology - There are things you likely don’t know about Kent Maynard.
By Maureen Harmon
In Memoriam: Kent Maynard
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