It's All in the Details

issue 01 | spring 2013
UnCommon Ground - It's All in the Details

While some of us were take a long winter's nap, there were many among us - like Denison athletes - who were running through the cold or lifting weights in the wee hours. And it seems that's not the only strange behavior spring athletes seem to cherish. We asked them to tell us about their superstitions.

Michelle Clark ’13

Track and Field, Biochemistry Major

Clark makes a playlist before every season and must listen to all the songs—in order—before she races. She also chooses a warm-up T-shirt at the beginning of every season and must wear it to prepare for each race. “It changes season to season,” she says, “but once I pick it, I stay with it.”

Chad Kosanovich ’13

Track and Field, Biochemistry Major

For warm-up gear Kosanovich insists on wearing faded green Umbro shorts and an animal shirt that, as he puts it, “adequately channels my spirit animal on the day of the race.” His current choice? A shirt printed with a family of red-eyed tree frogs. Other options include snakes and dinosaurs.

Danny Kraus ’13

Baseball, Economics Major

According to Kraus, he and his teammates all have their own superstitions that develop throughout their season. But this much is certain: stepping on the foul line before and during the games is a universal “no-no,” and the same wristbands, arm sleeves, undershirts, and sliding shorts are worn by all players for every game.

Spencer Riehl ’13

Lacrosse, Economics Major

Riehl has invested in a new pair of red socks to wear at every game this season. If the socks aren’t enough, you can spot him on the field with the unique eyeblack style of a backwards “7,” which he has worn since high school.

Carly Schultz ’14

Golf, Environmental Studies Major

Everyone on the golf team has her own signature marker. Schultz has used a smiley face marker since her first year at Denison.

Jessica Robertson ’13

Softball, Psychology Major

Robertson says music plays an important role in the softball team’s pregame rituals. In addition to dance parties in the locker room, each player has a walk-up song that plays as she approaches home plate.

Kelsey Geppner ’14

Tennis, Economics and Communication Double Major

While some traditions such as stretches and warm-up music before matches are consistent from year to year, the seniors of the girls’ tennis team greatly affect current team rituals. Geppner recollects that their playlist last year was dominated by 50 Cent because their senior Sarah Short ’12 “was obsessed.”

Published March 2013