issue 01 | spring 2013
In his recent memoir, Merrill Decker '73 remembers the experiences that made him question everything he knew about the world.

Illustrations by Gérard Dubois

Joanna Haas '89 believes that the nation's science centers are doing more than just making science fun - and she's bought in a whole team of…

by Maureen Harmon

Photographs by Jonathan Robert Willis

It was the activism of a small group of faculty and students that helped to bring gay life at Denison out of the closet.

by Alexander Gelfand

A Whole New Ball Game

It took just two sticks - and a little pushing from a few East Coast boys - to start a 60 year lacrosse tradition at …
by Ryan Jones
Continuum - A Whole New Ball Game - Spring 2013

On Board

On Board
In January, Denison’s board of trustees welcomed a new member. Meet Amy Todd Middleton.
Alumni Society - On Board - Spring 2013

50th Spring of Silent Spring

Rachel Carson's iconic book was published 50 years ago. Four professors discuss how one book made a lasting im…
by Ginny Olderman Sharkey '83
UnCommon Ground - 50th Spring of Silent Spring

Hey Baby, What's On Your Mind?

In Denison's new Infant and Child Cognition lab, Rebecca Rosenberg is studying infant's brain power to better…
by Natalie Olivio
UnCommon Ground - Hey Baby, What's On Your Mind?

A Menu of Memories

When I think of my college days, food seems to play a lead role.
by Maureen Harmon, Editor
Talk of the Walk - Spring 2013
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