issue 03 | fall 2012
This summer, comedian Tom Cotter '86 reached the finals of NBC's <em>America's Got Talent</em>. Then he came in second... to a pack of tuxed…

by Richard Rys

Photographs by Jared McMillen

Notre Dame is often heralded as the team that invented the modern passing game, but history buff Tony Lisska begs to differ.

by Ryan Jones

Illustrations by Marc Burkhardt

An American reporter in Afghanistan contemplates the country's future as U.S. and NATO troops prepare for departure.

Text and photographs by John Wendle ‘02

The Homies Come Home

Every five years Homesteaders make their way back to campus to see how the living experiment is coming along.
by Maureen Harmon
Alumni Society - The Homies Come Home

Folks to Know

Folks to Know
Alumni Council is a Denison advisory board representing the Society of the Alumni, which is made up of 30,000 members. (If you’re a former Denison student, you’re one of them.) Earlier this year, the Council welcomed four new members.
Folks to Know Denison Magazine Cover

On Board

On Board
In July, Denison’s board of trustees welcomed two new members, Susan V. Booth, who will serve as an alumni-nominated trustee, and Mark Heckmann, who will serve as the recent student trustee. Here’s a quick introduction to the newest members of Denison’s governing body.
On Board Denison Magazine Cover

Everyday People

Mark Moller - In August the new dean of first-year students, Mark Moller, welcomed a new class to Denison. He took a little…
Interview by Rose Schrott '14
UnCommon Ground - Everyday People: Mark Moller

Rock Hound

When giant clumps of pumice suddenly appeared in the middle of the ocean, Erik Klemetti set out to find their source.
by Ginny Sharkey '83
UnCommon Ground - Rock Hound

There's Something About Mary: A little chat with Mary Worth

There's Something About Mary: A little chat with Mary Worth
Even though we can’t pinpoint Mary Worth’s class year (and she certainly won’t tell!), her famous comic strip reveals that she has plenty of memories of Denison. This strip, which ran in 1988, mentions the “Wigwam,” a temporary gymnasium at Denison, built in 1924 and razed in 1950.
There's Something About Mary: A little chat with Mary Worth Denison Magazine Cover

On the Trail

At first the idea of a bike ride on a sunny afternoon sounded glorious -- but then I ruined it by zipping past all the fun par…
by Maureen Harmon
Talk of the Walk - Fall 2012
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