First thing’s first: We don’t mean liberal as an opposite to conservative. (In fact, the political spectrum on campus is pretty diverse). And we don’t exclusively educate artists (though our arts programs are phenomenal).

Because the term “liberal arts” is a little less tangible, let’s use an analogy:

The life ahead of you is a journey. It will have ups and downs, challenges and big wins. Think of that adventure as a cross-country bike trek. As you pack and prepare, which would you rather have in your back pocket? A screwdriver that will meet some of your needs along the way? Or a multitool that can be adapted to whatever challenge you face?

Earning a liberal arts degree is like gaining access to a multitool you can turn to for years to come. Through the liberal arts you can expect to be challenged through breadth (read: the courses and experiences you have outside of your major) and depth (read: the courses and experiences you have within your major). Having both is how the liberal arts approach prepares students with that multitool. Additionally, many alumni will tell you that they credit their liberal arts education for their ability to think critically, innovate, problem-solve, and communicate effectively.

In a world that is constantly changing, where the future jobs of our graduates are yet to be created, the soft skills developed through the liberal arts are vital to future success (and are highly marketable to employers). On that cross-country trip, you will experience sunny days, uphill rides, twists and turns, and you’ll definitely meet some new people along the way. The liberal arts is your foundation for approaching each day ready to take on whatever comes your way or to figure out how to get yourself out of tough situations with a feisty roadside raccoon (or a mid-career change). All students can expect to leave Denison as autonomous thinkers and active citizens who have learned the skills to be successful in life regardless of what lies ahead.

Denison approaches the liberal arts differently (read: better).

Ever wonder why some colleges cling to the past? Yeah, we wonder that, too.

At Denison, we’re not your grandfather’s liberal arts school. Well, maybe your grandfather did attend Denison, but a lot has changed here on The Hill since our founding in 1831.

We want you to be challenged, and we’re committed to evolving — academically, socially, and physically. We have new buildings like the Michael D. Eisner Center for Performing Arts and Silverstein Hall. Academically, we love our classically evergreen majors like history, English, psychology, and others, but we offer a variety of majors, minors, and concentrations for those seeking something different, like cinema; data analytics; financial economics; global commerce; global health; health, exercise, & sport studies; journalism; politics & public affairs; among others.

Preparation for a Career, Yes. And a Successful Life—However YOU Define It.

At Denison, we think beyond our top-tier academic programs and curriculum. We are focused on preparing the whole person to launch intoand leada successful life. We offer unique internships and more than 160 student organizations like our mindfulness club, improv groups, and intramural athletics to keep you engaged across campus. Our campus is a global one with numerous opportunities to study abroad, and we prepare students for careers with specialized programs through our Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration and Denison Edge in downtown Columbus.

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