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Guide for students to grant access to parents and guests using the Parent Proxy system

This document outlines the process for students to give a parent/other guest access to specific account details.

As a student, you can give your parents or legal guardians access to your personal information, student account, records and more. Please remind your Proxy to check their email inbox soon after adding them. The PIN they receive will expire in five days.

The proxy must have access to your “Statement and Payment History” to view your Statement and receive Statement notifications and other associated emails.

To grant a Parent/Other direct access to your Statement and account details, log in to MyDenison, click on the Self-Service button in the upper right-hand corner:

  1. Click on “Grant Access” near the bottom of the list.
  2. Click on “Access Management.”
  3. Click on “Add Person”.
  4. Enter Proxy’s first and last name and email address and click on “Add Person for Access.”
  5. Click on “Expand” next to the Proxy’s name.
  6. Designate a relationship. (The start and stop dates will populate automatically).
  7. Enter a description (ex: Mom, Dad, Aunt, Sister).
  8. Click on the “Authorization” tab and select which records you want to share with the Proxy.
  9. The items listed below would be helpful for the Proxy and enable us to more easily assist them with their questions.
    • Student Services-Account
      • Statement and Payment History
      • View Holds
      • Account Summary by Term
  10. Click on the “E-mail Authorizations” on the right.
  11. Click on “Collapse.”
  12. Add another Person for Access or Exit.
  13. Notify the person whom you have selected as a proxy to check their email inbox for an email from The PIN expires five days from when it was sent to them.
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