So, what's it like to live at Denison?

Housing & Community
April 2, 2015

There’s so much going on here at Denison. It’s fun, challenging, busy, quiet, loud, active, calm—you name it. And it all ends up helping our students figure out how they want their lives to look—and then contributes to making it happen.

At Denison, we make sure that real learning takes place outside of the classroom, as well as within. A lot of colleges say that—we mean it. Students share, question, and grow. They define their values. They learn to work together. They try new things. And when it doesn’t go well, they try again. That’s how success happens, not just in college, but in life.

Here’s part of what makes Denison different. Relationships matter here. Friendships run deep. And at Denison, mentorship is actually a thing. Our students and our faculty come from nearby and far away. They bring their own talents, interests, backgrounds, and experiences to campus. It creates a great, diverse mix of people and ideas that just makes life more interesting. We’re doers. And Denison thrives on that energy.

The video provides a glimpse of student life at Denison, thanks to theatre major Janyce Caraballo ’17, who set off on a walk from Doane to Swasey on an early spring day—and ran across a few of her friends.

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