The Global Studies Seminar presents “So Close and Yet so Far: COVID-19, Study Abroad, and Welcoming Students to the US.”

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The Global Studies Seminar presents “So Close and Yet so Far: COVID-19, Study Abroad, and Welcoming Students to the US” by Associate Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Affairs and Executive Director of the Center for Global Programs at Denison Katy Crossley-Frolick.

The world of student mobility –sending students abroad and welcoming students from abroad to study on our campus -has been buffeted by the extraordinary challenges unleashed by COVID-19 and an incoherent global effort to manage the pandemic. Students wishing to study abroad continue to encounter a volatile environment. Border restrictions remain in place, visa applications are delayed, passport applications are sluggishly processed, vaccine and testing mandates change by the day, and students have had to be flexible and open to other off-campus opportunities. In many ways, the glass is half full. However, our international students continue to encounter significant difficulties in their quest to return home or return to/arrive in the US. Many have made it here and some have journeyed home and back. But many have not. What have the past two years looked like for international educators? What can we anticipate in the short and medium term in terms of international student mobility? How can we best support our students as they navigate the challenges of being wedged between what is so near and yet so far? Come and learn more about how Denison is managing these challenges of our global landscape.

Crossley-Frolick joined the Denison faculty in 2007. In her capacity as Executive Director she is charged with leading and facilitating Denison’s comprehensive internationalization efforts, including student focused international initiatives involving curricula and academic collaboration with departments, inbound and outbound student mobility, international partnerships, expanding support for international students, and more.


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