Denison University welcomes author Jane Gallop presenting "Sexuality, Disability, and Aging."

Notice: this information is for a past event.
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Denison University welcomes author and Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Jane Gallop, presenting ”Sexuality, Disability, and Aging.” Gallop examines how disability and aging work to undermine one’s sense of self. She challenges common conceptions that equate the decline of the bodily potential and ability with a permanent and irretrievable loss, arguing that such a loss can be both temporary and positively transformative. With “Sexuality, Disability, and Aging,” Gallop explores and celebrates how sexuality transforms and becomes more queer in the lives of the no longer young and the no longer able while at the same time demonstrating how disability can generate new forms of sexual fantasy and erotic possibility. 

She is the author of a hundred essays and ten books, including “Thinking Through the Body,” “Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment,” ”Anecdotal Theory,” and most recently, “Sexuality, Disability, and Aging.” She writes and teaches about feminist theory, queer theory, literary and cultural theory, pedagogy, and crip theory.

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