The Global Studies Seminar presents “Productive Changes for a Changing Climate” by Joseph J Reczek

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The Global Studies Seminar welcomes Joseph J Reczek, presenting “Productive Changes for a Changing Climate.” Reczek is an organic materials chemist, and an associate professor of Chemistry at Denison University. His research is focused on making brand new types of “organic materials” (like plastic that conduct electricity!) towards effective, affordable, and sustainable new technologies. He passionately believes in the power of science to offer amazing and creative solutions to many giant challenges facing our country and the world, such as disease, energy, famine, jobs, and climate change.

Human-driven climate change is a reality of our time. However, the pace and scope of that change are yet to be decided. The actions and decisions of global society in the next few decades, from individuals to nations, will have a dramatic impact on the long-term future of our planet. This talk will briefly explore what we do and do not know about Climate Change, and then will offer some opportunities and ideas towards making productive changes to mitigate its pace through innovations in technology, education, and social nudges.

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