Denison's Laura C. Harris Series welcomes Laila Farah and Isis Nusair

Notice: this information is for a past event.
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Denison’s Laura C. Harris Series welcomes Laila Farah, Associate Professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Depaul University and Isis Nusair, Associate Professor of International Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Denison University presenting “Weaving the Maps: Tales of Survival and Resistance.”

The performance is based on narratives Dr. Nusair and Dr. Farah have gathered over the last two decades with Palestinian, Iraqi and Syrian refugee women. It describes processes of veiling and unveiling of Orientalist narratives about the “other,” and simultaneous linking and breaking of binary spaces. We write/tattoo these narratives on the body, and trace how violence and the consequences of war are linked to the enactment of geopolitical power structures. We trace women’s narratives of crossing, displacement and forced migration, and mark the challenges of re-making life and stitching survival. We end with weaving the maps of resilience and resistance from the fabric of the women’s lives and memories, and the routes for creating systems of accountability, solidarity, coalition, and movement building.

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