The Global Studies Seminar presents "Latinix Immigration in Ohio: Interviews of Migrant Workers"

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The Global Studies Seminar features Dosinda Alvite presenting “Latinix Immigration in Ohio: Interviews of Migrant Workers.” Alvite is an associate professor of Spanish at Denison whose research focuses on issues of migration. She has published over twenty book chapters and articles in journals like Arizona Journal of Hispanic Studies, Bulletin of Spanish Studies, Hispania and Revista Iberoamericana on different aspects of migration: feminization of migratory processes, Africa-Spain relations, acculturation processes of migrants and service learning.

Denison seniors and representatives from Ohio-5 colleges will talk about a wide-ranging effort to collect information and data via survey research and oral histories, bringing together academic and student researchers to serve the mission of the Immigrant Workers Project (IWP). IWP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit immigrant rights organization based in Canton, Ohio that is dedicated to supporting the struggle for social justice and human dignity for rural immigrant workers from Latin America. The project focuses on three major concerns for the immigrant communities in rural Ohio—labor conditions of agricultural workers, the effects of immigration enforcement, and educational experiences of children in immigrant households.

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