• ‘The She-Hulk and the City’
     ‘The She-Hulk and the City’ (103210)

    The Titus-Hepp Lecture Series welcomes University of Minnesota Professor Roy T. Cook presenting “The She-Hulk and the City.”

    John Byrne’s run on “The Sensational She-Hulk” involves complex and subtle interactions between the city in which the comics take place and the city in which the comics are produced — New York City, in both cases. In this talk, Cook will examine the unique metafictional effects that these interactions afford, and the lessons that can be learned about the nature of storytelling in comics by attending to these unique self-referential effects.

    Cook is the John M. Dolan Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota — Twin Cities. He works on the philosophy of mathematics, the philosophy of logic, and the aesthetics of popular art.

    Open to Public: Yes
    Admission: FREE
    Address: Samson Talbot Hall, Room 210, Denison University, 350 Ridge Road, Granville, OH 43023
    Questions?: Kate Tull, 740-587-6387

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