Time away from Denison can help students align their personal and academic paths, pursue volunteer or other work opportunities, or take care of medical or health needs for themselves or loved ones.

Denison’s class deans can help advise students on options and policies. They are here to support students through the process, working closely with offices across Denison, including the Division of Student Life, the Director of Advising, medical services and counseling services, and the Academic Resource Center and student disability staff.

We urge students to carefully review these pages and applicable policies to understand the different types of leaves and withdrawals, return parameters, and deadlines. Denison’s goal is to support students in this process, to enable their time away to be constructive and to set them up for a successful path forward.

There are different reasons to take time away from Denison. These fall under specific categories and are subject to review and approval by Denison. We provide information for each of these scenarios.

Voluntary Leaves and Withdrawals

All students requesting a voluntary withdrawal of any type must complete the request form and meet with your class dean for consultation and approval.

Personal Leave

A personal leave of absence allows a student in academic and disciplinary good standing to place studies on hold for one or more semesters. Students requesting personal leave must meet with your class dean for consultation and approval.

Voluntary Medical Withdrawal

If a student encounters a medical condition or experiences a serious injury that prevents them from meeting the normal expectations of academic life, they may request a medical withdrawal for a semester.

Voluntary Withdrawal

Students can voluntarily withdraw from Denison at any time, including at any point in the academic semester. Many students who voluntarily withdraw are permanently leaving Denison. In some limited circumstances, students may seek to return after no more than two semesters away.

* A student who withdraws from Denison when they are also facing (or prior to the bringing of) academic or conduct-based disciplinary or integrity proceedings will not be eligible for re-enrollment or a Denison degree unless they are readmitted, and any outstanding matters have been adjudicated and resolved in a manner that permits their re-enrollment/re-matriculation or conferral of a degree.

Involuntary Withdrawals

Information regarding involuntary withdrawal, administrative withdrawal and suspension.

Reinstatement Protocols

When applying for reinstatement, all students must complete and submit the re-enrollment form.

Students applying for reinstatement from a medical withdrawal must additionally submit the return from medical withdrawal form. They must also have their healthcare provider complete and submit the readiness to return from medical withdrawal - health care provider report.

Students applying for reinstatement due to an academic suspension must additionally submit the petition for reinstatement.

All forms must be returned by the following deadlines:

  • Fall semester - July 1
  • Spring semester - November 1

Please note: submitting these forms by the deadlines above does not necessarily guarantee approval to return but simply starts the process to review your request. Forms received after the deadlines above will not be reviewed until the review timeline begins for the following semester.