1831 Senior Leadership Award

This award is given each year to senior standing students who have shown dedication, passion, and immense effort toward the improvement of student life throughout their tenure on The Hill.

  • Kwaku Akuff ’23
  • Grace Buller ’23
  • Jake Caldwell ’23
  • Mikaila Carpenter ’23
  • Bailey deTuro ’23
  • Serina Dweh ’23
  • Jesse Felker ’23
  • Tait Ferguson ’23
  • Zoya Gheisar ’23
  • Mac Hammett ’23
  • Mohamed Hassan ’23
  • Laine Hursh ’23
  • Jackie Laskowski ’23
  • Wyatt Mullen ’23
  • Madeleine Murphy ’23
  • Marcus Nowling ’23
  • Caroline O’Dea ’23
  • Aniaha Ortiz ’23
  • Ann Rau ’23
  • Emma Rutherford ’23
  • Daniel Seely ’23
  • Deja Simley ’23
  • Yaz Simpson ’23
  • Aaron Skubby ’23
  • Evie Waters ’23

Big Red Innovation Award:

This award is presented to one student or campus organization who embraces the hallmarks of entrepreneurship, innovation, and creative problem-solving.

  • Julie Kenyon ’23

Wellness Champion Award

In honor of Denison’s commitment to promoting a culture of wellness, we recognize the student organization or individual student who has made a significant contribution to wellness on campus.

  • Zoya Gheisar ’23
  • Mac Hammett ’23

Forward Scholars

Forward Scholars are student leaders whose practices enhance inclusion, diversity, equity, and antiracism (IDEA) through trainings and programs.

  • A.J. Battle Jr. ‘25
  • Tony Baldovinos ’25
  • Sophia Hwang ’25
  • Aaron Skubby ’23
  • Klara Thelusma ’26

Student Employment Awards

Resident of the Year

The Resident of the Year Award is awarded to students who are an outstanding member of their residential community by embodying the Residential Communities & Housing values of: personal growth, diverse perspectives and belonging.

  • Isabella Pereira ’23

Student Employees of the Year

As part of the university’s continuing effort to encourage and reward exemplary student employees, we recognize and honor students who have demonstrated outstanding performance by contributing their time and/or skill to help the university achieve its goals and objectives.

We recognize student employees who represent each of these values:

  • Care for the Community: Jay Branch ’23
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Talmage Preyer ’23
  • Innovation & Technology: Oscar Storkerson ’23
  • Outstanding Critical Thinking: Thanh Do ’23
  • Outstanding Leadership: Camille Fuller ’23
  • Overall Student Employee: Alec Beaudin ’23

Campus Organization Awards

Campus Organization of the Year

This award is presented annually to honor a campus organization builds connection and community for Denison University.

  • Denisonians for Planned Parenthood: Zoya Gheisa ’23, Sophie Berger ’23, Heather Borland
  • RedTech: Evan Snively ’23, Phineas Pham ’23, Lena Le ’23, Patrick Fina

Campus Organization Program of the Year

This award is given annually to an event/program that embodies the Denison spirit through its commitment to leadership development, collaboration among groups, and efforts to enhance the quality of campus life.

  • First Generation Week: Jackie Laskowski ’23, John Mendez ’23, Jenavier Tejada

Campus Organization Advisor of the Year

This award is presented annually to the Denison University employee who advises/supervises a student group.

  • C.L. Herrick Geological Society: Dr. Anjali Fernandes, Mia Rhodes

Distinguished Service Award

This award acknowledges the student, campus organization, and event/program that models an extraordinary commitment to voluntary service on campus and in the greater local and global community.

  • Lenny Tejeda ‘23
  • Estrella Ortiz ‘23
  • Jacob Eppley ‘23
  • Yana Quel ‘23
  • Mallory Hallwirth ‘23
  • Merrick Miller ‘23

Fraternity & Sorority Life (FSL) Awards

FSL Chapter of the Year

This award recognizes one fraternal organization that exemplifies the values of the fraternal community at Denison University.

  • Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. Christy Valdivia ’23 , Mia Caraballo-Collazo ’23, Jailena Almonte ’23

FSL Member of the Year

This award recognizes one fraternity or sorority member that contributes or makes an impact to the larger fraternity and sorority community.

  • Kwaku Akuffo ’23
  • Mac Hammett ’23

FSL Advisor of the Year

This award recognizes one fraternity or sorority advisor that makes a strong impact on the chapter and members they advise.

  • Hannah Young
  • Pam West
February 28, 2023