During their time at Denison, students will face some of the toughest intellectual challenges of their lives.

That is, after all, the idea—to test and stretch the boundaries in order to prepare for the trials that follow college. The key ingredient is a student’s discipline and perseverance, naturally. But Denison wants each one to succeed, and while they can find some form of support just about anywhere on campus, several resources exist specifically for helping students rise to the challenge.

  • The Academic Resource Center provides services ranging from individualized counseling to one-on-one tutoring and organizational workshops. Individual academic departments also facilitate tutoring sessions between advanced and beginning students.
  • Advising is a form of teaching that is purposeful, ongoing and regular. Advising is integral to teaching at Denison. The Academic Advisor plays a key role in helping students learn to become autonomous thinkers, capable of self-determination through their exploration of the liberal arts.
  • The Writing Center helps students learn the writing process and effective means for improving their skills, and it helps faculty plan and enhance their own approaches to writing assignments. And of course, faculty advisors provide guidance about the design of a student’s course of study, how to do their best academically, how to navigate the Denison curriculum, and how to find and use campus resources.