This event was an invitation for current Studio Art Juniors and Seniors to meet and mingle with alums currently living in Columbus. The event was intended as a way to create community between current students, alums and the larger community of Columbus.

The gathering took place in an up and coming art space in Columbus, and the founders of the Columbus Printed Arts Center were able to talk to students about their vision and share the process of starting an art space and community work area. The event was well attended, with the most senior alum coming from the 2005 graduating class, Adrienne Wells. Faculty were in attendance and with the ice breaker of creating an exquisite corpse with 2 people you did not know there were many conversations and connections between current and former students.

Studio Art chair, Sheilah ReStack, shared “The feeling of community that is so particular to Studio Art was in full force. It was so gratifying to see alums re-connecting and current students witnessing the multitude of ways in which alums make their way in the world post-graduation while maintaining a commitment to the arts.”

Adrienne Wells, now working at Philanthropy Ohio as the Associate Manager of Public Policy, reflected, “It was such a fun and engaging event, bringing together studio art alumni, current students, faculty, friends, and family in the perfect space—a printed arts center—with food, drinks, dancing, and even an exquisite corpse activity. It was great to meet so many new people, reconnect with others and hear the many different directions that studio art alumni have gone into.”

January 8, 2020