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Denison students are a curious bunch - and they like to dive into research projects on all sorts of topics.

The Lisska Center holds a special lunch to celebrate their accomplishments and present them to the community:

Undergraduate Research Week participants include:

  • Barkin Cihanli – Economics/History/Classics minor: “Food Sovereignty in Egypt: A National Security Issue, 1970-1980”
  • Moe Thu – International Studies: “Political Economy of Development in Myanmar”
  • Grace Martin – Art History and Visual Culture: “The Life of Objects: Mapping Issues of Repatriation in Oceania”
  • Maddy Bellman – English (Creative Writing): “The Artistic and Cultural Contexts of Theatrical Translation: A Case Study of Alejandro Casona' 'La Dama del Alba”
  • Anandita Gupta – Environmental Studies/Economics: “Financing Sustainability: An Ecological Approach to Resilience and Decentralized Decision- Making”
  • Jenn Fajardo Ruiz – An/So/Education double major:“Red-lining: A Critical Case Study of Literacy in Central Ohio”
  • Rene Guo – IDM in Political Theology: “THE CRUCIFIED GOD: Covenant, Liberation, and the Hope of the Incarcerated Masses”
  • Hannah Glick – Biochemistry: “Stimuli responsive supramolecular assemblies and polymers involving dicalix[4]arenes”
  • Harry Ponce – Chemistry and Music Performance: “Local Dynamics of Polyisobutylene in Solution: An All-atom Molecular Dynamics Study”
  • Rachel Reardon – Biology major/Chemistry minor: “Epigenetic UV Hyper-resistance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
  • Amanda Walsh – Biology major/Chemistry minor: “Exploring the role of histone modification in epigenetic UV hyper-resistance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae”
  • Angela Sommerer – Physics: “Protoplanetary Nurseries: Identifying Gaps in Circumstellar Disks”

These students also submitted in-depth research projects:

  • Rachel Epstein – Political Science
  • Breonna Grant – English, Education
  • Ivanna Salgado – Narrative Journalism
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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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