Taylor Shook ’20 moves into marketing through Orr Fellowship

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June 25, 2020

“Immerse yourself in all the wonderful things for you on campus.”

Political science major Taylor Shook ’20 heads to Indianapolis after graduation for a two-year position with Parker Technology through the Orr Fellowship program. Shook is one of only 70 recent graduates selected from more than 1,300 applicants for the program, which develops business leaders and entrepreneurs.

“I will be a demand generation specialist,” says Shook. “It’s a marketing title, so that will be my main focus, but I will also get to work in sales and accounting. The critical thinking, reading, writing and problem-solving skills that I learned at Denison will be helpful in this work.”

Shook’s liberal arts education, with the opportunity to dive deep into her major, as well as learn across a broad array of fields, has excited her curiosity — indelibly.

One example comes to mind. In the same semester Shook was in the “Looking for Richard III” seminar with professors Fred Porcheddu (English) and Dave Goodwin (geoscience), she was enrolled in a fashion course and a course on the politics of Democratic states.

“When our seminar traveled to London to study in Richard III’s actual environment, I was surprised to find that I had something intelligent to say and connections to make to the things we were seeing, because of my other courses and because of the breadth of knowledge I was exposed to on The Hill. That seminar inspired me to become a life-long learner,” says Shook.

The relationships she made at Denison also will have a lasting impact. “I met two of my best friends on The Hill. They’ve shown me what true friendship is, and I know we will be friends for life. They bring out the best version of myself, and I try to be that version of me full-time,” she says.

As new students begin their college experience, Shook shares some advice, “Immerse yourself in all the wonderful things for you on campus. And be fiercely protective of your focus on your studies and relationships at Denison.”

More about the Orr Fellowship:

Orr Fellowship is a two-year entrepreneurial-focused program that focuses on four major areas: Career, Commitment, Community, and Continued Learning. Orr companies provide hands-on work experience in high-growth environments and facilitate valuable connections and relationships with experienced professionals.

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