Degree Requirements

LACS Concentration

Core Requirements

Students in the concentration are required to take (or demonstrate that they have taken the equivalent of) the following courses:

  • Two modern language courses (or the equivalent), beyond the general education requirements in a language spoken in the Latin American and Caribbean area (Portuguese, Dutch, French, Spanish, or an indigenous language). The two courses may be the two first semesters in one of these languages, if the student has already fulfilled the GE requirement in a language that is not spoken in the area - 8 credits;
  • LACS 201 - Introduction to Latin American Caribbean Study (taught in English), or SPAN 230 - Introduction to Hispanic Cultures (taught in Spanish). It will count as an I GE course as well - 4 credits;
  • Senior Research, one semester of senior research. The research project can be submitted in English and where possible this could be done in conjunction with the student’s major - 4 credits.


Latin American and Caribbean Studies students will also take three elective courses from different departments. These courses are cross-listed by different programs.

HIST 140Studies in Latin American History
HIST 141Colonial Latin America
HIST 142Modern Latin America
HIST 240Advanced Studies in Latin American History
HIST 243Sex and Sexuality in Latin America
HIST 244Race and Ethnicity in Latin America
HIST 265/365Comparative Slavery in the Americas
HIST 266Women, Sex, and Power in the Modern World
HIST 340Research Seminar in Latin American History
Fine Arts/Language and Culture
ARTS 141Introduction to Sculpture
SPAN 220Introduction to Hispanic Literature
SPAN 325Survey of Latin American Literature
SPAN 425Seminar in Latin American Literature
Society and Culture
ANSO 339Culture, Identity and Politics in Caribbean Society
SPAN 230Introduction to Hispanic Cultures
SPAN 330Cultures of Spain
SPAN 435Seminar in Latin American Culture

Additional Points of Interest

The same course cannot be used to fulfill more than one of the above requirements. Students are encouraged to consult with the Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies in making their choices. Students are also encouraged to pursue study abroad programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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