Data analytics major Che Hoon Jeong ‘23 took third place in a crowded field at the Fall 2022 Undergraduate Statistics Research Project contest. Jeong is the third Denison student to place at the national competition since 2020, joining fellow D.A. majors Ming Chen who achieved 1st place in fall 2020, and Aditi Singh who earned 3rd place in spring 2022.

Jeong’s research, titled Investigation of NCAA Basketball’s Three Point Strategy Using Logistic Mixed Effects Regression Model, investigates the question: Do NCAA college teams’ three-point shot attempts and three-point shots make significantly increases the likelihood of winning. It tests also tests if collegiate players are taking more three-point shots at greater distances over time. Jeong’s research was the product of his DA 401 project.

As data analysts, Denison students learn how to apply the methodologies they learn in class to real-world situations. They also learn how to communicate their findings to different audiences. Not only was Jeong’s research judged according to the accuracy of data analysis, conclusions, and discussion, he also needed to convey his findings clearly. Jeong was also scored on the creativity and significance of his work.

March 28, 2023