Knowledge & network from a NYC ad agency internship

Career Center Communication English
November 4, 2019

In the summer of 2019, Maddie Coyne ’21 and Jax Preyer ’20 interned as part of a team at StrawberryFrog, a boutique ad agency located in the heart of New York City – on the 48th floor of the Empire State Building.

Their new mates at StrawberryFrog helped them get acclimated to the fast-paced advertising environment. “The culture there was insane, and everyone was so supportive and welcoming,” says Coyne, a communication major. “I learned a lot about project management.”

Preyer, an English-Creative Writing major, honed her skills and sharpened her copywriting. She and Coyne were “an asset to the Project Management team on a major client pitch,” which they secured by the end of the summer. It was “the perfect way to wrap up an already incredible internship. I even helped out one of the company's contracted graphic designers, which was a cool way to take a look at an aspect of the industry I never would have before,” says Preyer.

The internship solidified Preyer’s desire to work in “an environment driven by creativity, compassion, and chiefly, a desire to spark change and challenge the way we all think.”

Coyne continues to be connected with many of the company's employees. “I keep in touch with a few people, one of whom worked in IT and the other in New Business. They have been very helpful in my process and continue to encourage me in all my endeavors. They even helped me with my resume, as well as my LinkedIn profile.”

In fact, Coyne made such a good impression that she has been asked back to work with StrawberryFrog over her winter break.

Their internship was supported through Denison’s Knowlton Career Center. Preyer notes, “I am extremely grateful for the Knowlton Center, and the donors who made this internship possible for me through the stipend program. I could not have been able to make it work without their generosity.”

This is the second year that Coyne and Preyer interned together. In 2018, they worked for worked for a company that dealt with media and marketing in the advertising space that connected the clients with large advertising firms such as Leo Burnett, TBWA, and Gray.