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Each year around October 23, DCS chapter members participate in and organize an annual Mole-a-thon, and all proceeds are donated to the ACS Scholars Fund.

Denison's Chemistry & Biochemistry department was featured in the September/October 2013 issue of “InChemistry”, in which, is the magazine for ACS (American Chemical Society).

Q: Do you have any unique positions?

A: Two juniors serve as Juniors-at-Large. Having this position ensures that the juniors are part of the chapter governance and that their voice is heard, especially as the officers make budget decisions in late February and early March before the new officers are elected for the next year. Over the past few years, we have found that our governing body in the Denison Chemical Society (DCS) has been composed mostly of senior chemistry and biochemistry students. While this is typically not a problem throughout the year, near the end of the year as the seniors are finishing up their senior theses and heading toward graduation, transitioning responsibilities to the junior class can be difficult.

Q: Do you collaborate with other clubs on campus on activities?

A: We have collaborated with other campus organizations to hold science exploration days on campus for area kids. This year for Make a Difference Day, we are collaborating with the Service Learning Center to put on a program that brings Girl and Boy Scouts to campus to get them excited about going to college someday. DCS will be doing chemistry demonstrations to get the kids who participate excited about science, especially chemistry!

Q: What is your most successful fundraiser to date?

A: Our most successful fundraiser is the annual Mole-a-thon, which takes place around October 23 every year. Each Denison participant pays $5 ($10 for non-Denison students) to run 6.02 km in celebration of Mole Day and to promote an active life- style, with all proceeds going toward the ACS Scholars Fund. On average, we have 30–40 participants, with interest growing every year. Chemistry-related prizes are also awarded for top-place finishers.

Q: has your chapter recently had any fun social events?

A: One of our big events at the beginning of the year is called Chem Bash, a big dinner catered for the entire department by one of the local restaurants. This event is meant to help faculty and students build relation- ships outside of the classroom while they enjoy delicious food. Leftovers at this event are very rare!

Q: Have any members of your chapter attended recent ACS regional, national, or local section meetings?

A: Eight of our members who perform research at Denison attended the 2012 ACS spring national meeting and presented posters at the undergraduate poster session. This was an incredible experience! It was amazing to see and meet so many other undergraduate presenters from all over the country. It

was also very helpful to talk to graduate students about their work and experiences, as well as to attend talks by professors on such a wide range of topics! Everyone who went agreed that the ACS meeting was simply inspiring.

Q: Describe a special project the chapter recently did or is now doing.

A: We are currently working with a local science museum — The Works, in Newark, OH — to put on a chemistry show as part of their STEM programming, “Science Sunday.” We will have a full hour to do our presentation, and our chapter is working on the demonstrations and curriculum for this event!

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November 4, 2013