An online professional skill-building platform

“We need to more effectively use the 40 percent of the year that falls between semesters to engage students in additional pre-professional training. With this approach, our students get the best of both worlds. The academic semesters give students liberal arts skills, values, and habits that matter for long-term success while using January, May, and summers to give them specific skills, experiences, and networks needed to transition from college into jobs and top graduate programs.” - Adam Weinberg

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At Denison's Knowlton Center, we are sure of two important things.

The first is that a liberal arts education develop important skills that contribute to long-term success. The second is that students and young alumni need a complement of profession-specific skills in order to compete for jobs and graduate programs. That is why we developed OnBoard, an online tool specifically created to help Denison students and recent graduates master hard and soft skills that most employers find lacking in their entry-level applicant pools, including, among other things, how to use spreadsheet programs, manage projects, review financial statements, and write professional memos. 

“The Finance OnBoard module did wonders for me and my internship search and interview process. It tremendously expanded my finance understanding and helped me feel more comfortable navigating a vastly complex career path. The financial statements portion of the modules truly put me over the edge in interview processes that made up for my lack of direct experience.” - Benjamin Tracht '17

OnBoard Units

With OnBoard, students can select from and participate in up to 50 unique self-paced units across 8-different tracks. Each unit will incorporate pre- and post-assessments and real-world simulations. All tracks, build upon the foundational skills they are developing through the liberal arts, such as critical thinking, research and analysis, effective communication, and complex problem-solving — the skills that are considered essential to lasting success. The tracks are offered during non-academic periods, so students can leverage the 40 percent of the year that falls between semesters to invest in job-readiness.