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The John W. Alford Center for Service Learning promotes and supports local community service by engaging the Denison community in four areas: Denison Community Association, America Reads, Curricular Service Learning, & Denison Service Orientation.


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Service with Impact

The phrase “Tax time” brings a shudder to many people, but for four Denison students, it generates warm feelings as they reach out to area citizens to help them prepare their taxes.

Alumni Spotlight
Katrina Tijerina

When she graduated from Denison in 2013, Katrina Tijerina was ready to make a difference in someone’s life.

Live and Learn

At Denison, learning doesn’t stop when you hit your room and drop your books. In fact, there’s probably never going to be a time when you’re absorbing life on a 24/7 basis as much as you are in college