Academic Journey

Your Academic Journey

At Denison, students have to step up—there’s no hiding in the back of a 300-seat lecture hall, no anonymity, no flying under the radar. They matter as individuals, and they are prepared for lives of consequence by the best faculty—professors who know their stuff, know their students’ names, and know how to inspire great things.

Inside Academics at Denison The buzz on the street gets it right: Our professors are the best. They are at the center of Denison's position as a national leader in both student engagement and academic rigor.

Denison's faculty are world-class researchers, dedicated teachers and mentors. They choose to be at Denison because they enjoy working closely with their students. They're smart and approachable, and they inspire great things, making a significant difference in their students' personal, professional and civic lives.

We asked a few of our professors to talk about academics at Denison. It's a way to see inside our classrooms, labs and studios — to get a sense of why teaching and learning are just better here, why relationships and mentoring matter so much, and why Denison graduates are better prepared to thrive.

Check out the video. And to apply, learn more about our generous financial aid, or schedule a campus visit, go to Admissions.



The humanities are comprised of academic disciplines that study the human experience from the perspective of people everywhere in the world, during every period of history.

Fine Arts

Fine Arts

Denison sees art as a bridge to all other areas of study and research. Our art program emphasizes art-making as a means to think about not only oneself, but one’s relationship to the world of ideas from multiple perspectives.

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences

Our division is composed of rigorous, experiential programs with cutting-edge curricula. Integrated lab components provide exceptional training in problem solving, experimental design & communication. We offer premier experiences in year-round, collaborative student-faculty research.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences

Denison advances the scientific study of human society and social relationships of individual members within society through it's engaging and comprehensive Social Science curriculum.

Interdisciplinary Programs


Denison's interdisciplinary courses engage students in topics of study that span across traditional divisional structures to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

Special Programs

Denison’s curriculum balances breadth with depth, building academic specialization upon a liberal arts foundation. While our students pursue specialized learning in their chosen majors, they also develop the framework for an integrated intellectual life, spiritually and morally informed, with an emphasis on global perspective and civic engagement.

Denison Seminars First-Year Program Off-Campus Study Richard G. Lugar Program in Politics & Service Student Research Writing Program

Pre-Professional Programs

Denison's commitment to the liberal arts, the strength of our pre-professional advising, and the success of our graduates have made Denison well-known by professional schools ranging from medicine and business to law and engineering.

Pre-Law Pre-Med & Pre-Health Pre-Business Pre-Engineering Pre-Environmental Management & Pre-Forestry Pre-Occupational Therapy

Additional Opportunities

Beyond curricular offerings, Denison provides a number of co-curricular and scholarly opportunities for all students. These range from campus initiatives to local and regional service, and from supplemental academic ventures to social and cultural experiences.

Denison Internship Program Global Learning Denison Museum Service Learning Oak Ridge Science Semester Campus Series Gilpatrick House Language & Culture House

Academic Support & Resources

Academic Support regularly offers programs and services designed to help students improve their overall academic performance and ultimately assist students in achieving excellence.

Advising, Tutoring & Support Library Technology Services Life After Denison Advising Circles

Whether you’re looking for a course registration deadline, the bookstore’s hours, or information for new faculty members, here are some good resources.

Registrar Provost's Office Bookstore