Student Seminar

Denison Seminars are exciting classes that are designed to encourage sophomore and junior level students to think broadly about a set of topics. Among the innovative things Denison Seminars might do: integrate travel into the learning experience; challenge the traditional “semester-long” course structure; or be taught by a team of professors from different disciplines, thus creating opportunities to experience multiple viewpoints and approaches.

How We Learn
denison seminar-wicked problems 2016

A Denison Seminar brings students face to face with the realities of unsolvable problems and the necessity of engaging them.

Faculty Spotlight
economist and a paleontologist

The odd pairing of an economist and a paleontologist proves successful

Student Spotlight
Martial Arts

One Denison Seminar gives students the chance to use martial arts.

How We Learn
Berlin: Beneath the Divide 1

A team-taught class traveled to Berlin to study the effects of urban division on culture and society.