Alumni Spotlight
Travis DeFraites ’13

Travis DeFraites ’13 is helping disadvantaged high school students to learn through an unlikely medium — film.

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Follow the The Denison Film Society on Facebook. We projects movies of all genres (blockbuster, comedy, drama, art, “indie,” classic) on 35 mm to the Denison and Granville community free of charge. DFS also assists the Cinema Department in hosting the yearly Great River Film Festival & Denison Film Festival.

Student Spotlight

It’s a small world after all. A biology major Hannah Roodhouse ’16 tests museum objects and a microscopic world opens.

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Here you will find faculty and staff offices, a student lounge, a state-of-the-art screening room, production equipment, a Steenbeck flatbed editing room, and five MacPro media stations (additional MacPro media stations are located in the Mulberry Inter-media eXperimental (MIX) lab).