Cinema House

The Cinema Department is located in the newly renovated Cinema House at 201 N. Mulberry Street. Here you will find faculty and staff offices, a student lounge, a state-of-the-art screening room, production equipment, a Steenbeck flatbed editing room, and five MacPro media stations (additional MacPro media stations are located in the Mulberry Inter-media eXperimental (MIX) lab).

Software & Equipment


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Mulberry Inter-media eXperimental (MIX) lab

Mulberry Inter-media eXperimental (MIX) lab

The MIX lab is a 1100 square foot digital media teaching facility and public computing lab developed by and for the Fine and Performing Arts. The MIX lab encourages collaboration among Denison faculty, students and staff on digital multimedia projects.

In this lab, faculty-directed student teams work together on joint projects and generate new work processes and relationships among the traditionally separated disciplines. The centralization of technological resources and the multidisciplinary aspects of the MIX lab naturally lead to a “best practices” among the faculty, who benefit directly and indirectly from each others’ experiences, talents and skills. The shared space and common resources have promoted a cross-pollination of ideas, styles and technical knowledge among both the faculty and the students. These conditions give rise to new classes, new techniques and new concepts of how to make “Art” in the digital age. The MIX is one of the most technically advanced labs on campus. The list of software on each machine is staggering, with a combined total of over 100 applications available for students to use.