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History, Theory and Production

Denison University CinemaStudents learn the process of producing creative works of cinema utilizing both film and digital equipment. The major is designed for the serious student who is interested in the history, theory, and production of film and video as art forms. We aim to provide students with a working knowledge of the principles of production in connection with an understanding of Cinema. In this regard, an understanding of cinema theory, analysis and history is essential. Much teaching in Cinema takes place one-on-one with students outside of class. Whether working with a student on a screenplay or a film/video project, faculty in cinema often teach as much out-of-class as they do in-class. 

What do Cinema majors do after Denison?

Many career opportunities exist for our majors. Recent graduates are currently working as professional editors, cinematographers, and writers across the U.S. and abroad. While not all graduates pursue an M.F.A. or Ph.D. after leaving Denison, many do and attend top graduate programs in both production and film studies.