Alumni Spotlight
A Life Abroad

Starting with his off-campus study in Hong Kong, Paul Henderson ’97 has spent his post-grad years in Asia, delving into different echelons of education.

Where We Go
Elise Bowling '14 - Learning to be fearless

Elise Bowling ’14 studied in Japan for eight months. It was a profound experience, full of language, culture, beauty, frustration, loneliness, and warmth. In other words, she loved it.

Horse ramp of Gate of China, Nanjing. Uploaded by user Kanga35 at en.wikipedia

Denison-approved programs of study in the People's Republic of China are available in Nanjing and Beijing.

Alumni Spotlight
Laura Kriska '87

Laura Kriska '87 works as a writer and business consultant specializing in team building and Japanese cross-cultural training.