Dr. Laura C. Harris Symposium

The objective of the Laura C. Harris Symposium is to enhance and promote the education of young women as students and as professionals and serve to promote the career opportunities and carry on the pioneering spirit of women students at DU.

Student Spotlight

Those extracurricular activities may be the key to landing a great job.

Where We Go
CeCe McGee ’15

When CeCe McGee ’15 graduates this May, she knows she won’t be leaving Denison for good. As the college’s newly elected recent student trustee, she will be visiting the campus often.

Founding feminists

When Joan Straumanis came to Denison as a philosophy professor in 1971, she was introduced at her first faculty meeting as a “real feminist hell raiser.”

Portraits by Harper Leich.

The portraits displayed on the Women’s Studies department section and on display in the Women’s Studies program office in Knapp Hall were created by Harper Leich '04, a studio art major with a concentration in painting and printmaking.