Denison Internship Program


Denison Internship Program

The Denison Internship Program offers our students a structured learning experience as they explore career fields and apply academic coursework to the workplace.

Each year, our program promotes and engages in a variety of internship opportunities across the globe that are typically conducted over the summer months. We expect our students to learn and develop professionally through a three-tiered partnership between students, supervisors, and the The Knowlton Center for Career Exploration staff.

Many alumni and employer partners are interested in hiring Denison interns and frequently post positions through the Denison Internship Program.

Internship postings for Denison students can be found through Handshake.

Applying for a Stipend

Denison University is fortunate to have multiple partnerships with generous alumni and external organizations. Through these partnerships, the Denison Internship Program is able to support a stipend system linked to students completing UNPAID internships.

Internship stipends are awarded to students based on a formal application process that includes a student-generated budget in addition to an institutional assessment of one's financial need, campus conduct, and academic eligibility. For stipend application assistance, please schedule an appointment with a CE&D advisor to discuss the application process and how it relates to your internship search.

To access the Denison Internship Program’s Stipend Application, log into Handshake and search for “Stipend Application” in Handshake Jobs.

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