Keys to Professional Readiness

Lifelong skills that contribute to long-term success

A liberal arts education develops lifelong skills that contribute to graduates’ long-term success. These include research, analysis, critical thinking, effective writing, interpersonal communication, and the ability to solve complex problems. We build on those skills with four years of programs and counseling that prepare our students for their lifetime careers.”

- Richard Berman, Dean of the Austin E. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration

As our world becomes more complex each day, students and alumni must develop career-specific skills and knowledge that will give them a competitive edge as they enter their chosen professions. Denison is committed to providing the training and experience that give our graduates the advantage in a fast-changing environment.  Our Career Exploration Model focuses on helping students first gain awareness of oneself, interests and skills,  then explore career paths related to those skills and interests, followed by gaining real-life experiences in those fields followed by thorough preparation for launch.  

At Denison, planning for the future extends over the whole of our students’ college careers. Our plan, Denison@Work, calls for our students to establish career readiness through mentorship by faculty, alumni, parents and employers; career coaching and advising; signature programming that builds confidence and competencies; technology that includes skill-specific online modules; and internship and externship opportunities that give our students the expertise, opportunities for personal exploration and first-hand knowledge that result in a successful launch into their chosen profession.

While much of this takes place during the academic year, Denison also harnesses the substantial slice of the year (40 percent) that falls outside of the academic year to supply our students with additional knowledge and opportunities to build a valuable network that will serve them over their lifetime careers.

Denison’s strategies provide great results. In surveys of Denison alumni five years after graduation, 99 percent of alumni are employed or in graduate school and 93 percent are working in their desired field or position or on their way to achieving their professional goals.