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Timothy Luke Atallah

Assistant Professor
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- Present
Physical and Materials Chemistry

I was born and raised on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea; my dad being from Egypt and Lebanon and my mom from central Illinois. From a young age I have enjoyed mixing, tinkering and problem solving so I was drawn to chemistry, physics and math in college in West Michigan. After which I moved to Austin, Texas for graduate school and then moved to New York City to finish graduate school. During graduate school I loved working with lasers as well as technologically relevant materials, thinking about how processes in semiconductors work to result in us having computers, screens, sensors, medical devices, etc… I completed my postdoctoral work before coming to Denison at the University of California in Los Angeles where I worked on developing new spectroscopy methods and understanding materials in the infra-red which are relevant for deep tissue imaging and automated vehicle remote sensing through fog.

What I love about chemistry is it’s really relevant to everything we do, literally almost everything we come into contact and use everyday has been designed by chemists or relates to chemistry: from the paint on our walls, the clothes we wear, our devices, our bodies, our pharmaceuticals, our foods, our energy sources, etc… Even with a basic grasp of concepts we can start to understand the world around us - revealing this wondrous universe made up of atoms, molecules and energy - a wonder I love to share with others and as well as the drive to learn and grow together!

Away from school, my wife and I enjoy cooking and trying new foods, exploring our local communities and hiking outdoors, playing tabletop board/card and computer games, and since COVID-19 I have taken up miniature painting as a stress relief and way to think through things I am working on.

B.Sc. Calvin College, M.Phil., Ph.D. Columbia University

Learning & Teaching

  • Chemistry 131: Principles of Chemistry: Atoms and Molecules
  • Chemistry 343: Intermediate Physical Chemistry



I am interested in developing next generation low-cost semiconductors such as those derived from organic or nanomaterials and uncovering the physical processes that govern these materials when implemented in a device or for photocatalysis (i.e. in the excited states). In the Atallah lab we grow our semiconductors using colloidal wetlab synthesis methods as well as physical vapor transport to sublimate high purity crystals. As a spectroscopist my passion lies in using light to characterize these materials in the excited state: one technique we use picosecond (i.e. one trillionth of second) lasers to characterize how energy and charges will move in these materials once excited as well as the colors of light emitted once excited to learn about where and how the energy is flowing and if there are any parasitic loss channels. We use other spectroscopic methods including polarization anisotropy and Raman to correlate photo-physical/chemical processes with structure and cryogenic measurements to determine how temperature affects these properties.


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  • “Decay Associated Fourier Spectra: Visible to Shortwave Infrared Time-Resolved Emission Spectra”, Oral & Poster, American Chemical Society National Meeting and Exposition, San Diego, CA, Fall 2019.
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  • “Classical Modeling of Non-Sequential Double Ionization: Recollision, Time-Delayed ionization, Drift, and Possible Reattachment”, Poster, International


Professional Memberships
  • American Chemical Society
  • Materials Research Society


Honors & Awards
  • UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Postdoctoral Research Award (2021)
  • ACS UCLA Research Showcase Fellowship (2019)
  • Dr. Enno and Mrs. Lucile Wolthuis Physics Scholarships (2009)
Student Collaborations
  • Corinne Boyd
  • Lauren Rutherford
  • Henry Zheng
  • Isabella Rosabal
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